PurposeLab, LLC (“PurposeLab,” formerly “PopRule”) recognizes the importance of privacy for its advertisers, publishers and users. Below is PurposeLab’s policy on collecting, using, disclosing, maintaining and protecting the information that it receives through PurposeLab-powered advertisements or through its World Wide Web site (the “Site”). Any questions or concerns regarding these policies or practices should be directed to:

PurposeLab, LLC
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When a PurposeLab advertisement is received on a computer or other electronic device, PurposeLab utilizes techniques to determine whether that device has previously received the advertisement, as well as techniques to evaluate the user’s interaction with the advertisement (including any information voluntarily provided by the user in surveys or otherwise). Such information is used to avoid sending repetitive advertising to the user, as well as to customize subsequent advertising to enhance the user’s experience and to comport with the user’s habits or preferences, and to sometimes measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. From time to time, advertisers, publishers or portals request that PurposeLab collect, or assist in the collection of, information supplied by consumers in connection with a PurposeLab advertisement, or a user’s interaction with such an advertisement, which may include personal information. This information is provided directly to the advertiser, publisher and/or portal, and is not used independently byPurposeLab. PurposeLab is informed that this information is to be used by the advertiser, publisher and/or portal, in accordance its own particular privacy policy. However, PurposeLab cannot control the use of such information by any such advertiser, publisher or portal, and is not responsible for their use of such information.

Information collected through the Site varies, depending on the sections of the Site visited and the information the visitor chooses to provide. For visitors to the public sections of the Site who read or download information, PurposeLab collects only nonpersonally identifiable information about the visit, including the IP address of the visitor’s computer, the visitor’s type of computer and operating system, the date and time of access, and the URL of the web site from which the visitor linked directly to the Site. PurposeLab does not collect any personally identifiable information from visitors who visit only the public sections of the Site. For visitors who contact PurposeLab via e-mail or who participate in an online survey, the information provided in the e-mail message or survey response is collected, including the visitor’s e-mail address, and any questions or comments the visitor provides. PurposeLab may use “cookies” or “scripts” to collect any of the information described above. Some Internet browsers can be adjusted to disable the use of cookies and scripts; however, some functionalities of the Site may not be available without the use of cookies and scripts.

Information that PurposeLab collects is used for its internal business purposes, including studying the use of the Site. If a question or comment is sent to PurposeLab by e-mail, PurposeLab uses the information therein to respond to the question or comment. PurposeLab also may use the information provided to it to send news and information that PurposeLab believes may be of interest. In addition, PurposeLab may disclose information concerning the Site and its visitors in aggregate, non-personally identifiable form.

PurposeLab uses industry-standard security measures to protect any information provided to it. However, PurposeLab cannot guarantee that submissions to the Site, or that any content residing on, or transmissions from, PurposeLab’s servers will be completely secure. Any password-protected areas of the Site can be accessed only with a valid password. Each password owner is responsible for keeping the password secret and confidential, and for notifying PurposeLab if the password may have been stolen or might otherwise be misused.
Deleting PurposeLab Cookies
Cookies sent by PurposeLab can be easily deleted by following removal instructions specific to your browser. Our cookies will come from the domain,, or Instructions for deleting cookies on all popular browsers can be found here:
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